Female bodybuilders encounter many challenges on their journey to empowerment, with or without the competitive stage. From demanding lifestyles to constant societal judgment, these women choose to transform their bodies beyond acceptable socially imposed norms to stand out from the crowd. Who are they? Why do they do it? What do they gain? We are setting the stage to find out!


Here you will find a few short, thought-provoking interviews with brilliant, strong, and beautiful women who are changing the world by being and growing themselves. We’d love to hear your own thoughts after you ponder some of theirs.

Serving God through bodybuilding

Julia Waring, IFFB Pro Figure

For Julia Waring, a professional bodybuilder, the bodybuilding sport serves as a platform for introducing people to God. Julia argues that bodybuilding – or any other endeavor – is not incompatible with Christianity, as long as God is at the center of your pursuit. Even though part of bodybuilding is showcasing your “half-naked” body on stage – sexuality is not the first thing that comes to Julia’s mind–it’s the hard work and the dedication to something bigger than yourself that she hopes to show through her performance. Follow Julia on IG 

Change outside in

Martina Yabekova, IFBB Pro Figure

For many women in bodybuilding, change manifests from inside out–but not for Martina. The body she attained through hard work and dedication ultimately changed her victim mindset, unintentionally passed down to her by her parents. Martina is now unafraid of anything, and even in case of a physical attack, she can protect herself. But, who would even mess with this powerful woman? Follow Martina on IG

Bodybuilders: narcissistic or insecure?

Andy Borneman, IFBB Pro Fitness

Bodybuilders – narcissistic and arrogant, or insecure deep down? As a Pro bodybuilder, Andy is very familiar with the world of bodybuilding and everything that it entails. Despite stereotypes, Andy thinks that bodybuilders are the most insecure people around – they work so hard to attain a perfect body. It takes a lot of confidence to admit you’re insecure. So, where does that put her on the map? And is there anything wrong with being both at the same time? Follow Andy on IG

Muscles and femininity

Tarryn Garlington, IFBB Pro Figure

Muscles and femininity, are they compatible? Absolutely, yes! But, is the general audience ready for it? Well, who cares? Tarryn prides herself on growing and presenting muscle in a feminine, sexy kind of way. She may look big and shredded through the camera lens, but she is a small person in real life. Nevertheless, she encounters many negative comments about her looks. Follow Tarryn on IG

Building your spirit along the way

Jessica Reyes Padilla, IFBB Pro Figure

Is bodybuilding only a physical endeavor? Not at all. At the time you sculpt your body, you can also build your spirit, says Jessica. And if you’re strong enough to go to the gym every day and work out, why can’t you apply the same passion in other areas of your life? For Jessica, that’s the key to success and she is living proof of it. Follow Jessica on IG

Solo sport?

Jim and Jennifer Taylor, IFBB Pro Figure

Jim Taylor doesn’t believe in the stereotype that bodybuilding is a selfish sport. As a husband of IFBB Physique Pro, Jennifer Taylor, Jim is there for his wife every step of the way. They make a powerful team together. It didn’t use to be like that. Jen’s success wasn’t his priority at the beginning of their relationship. But, Jim admits, he learned and grew to be a better man. Besides, who gets a better seat at the Olympia, if not him? Follow Jennifer on IG




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