Margie and Olga sitting on the trunk of SUV with film equipment

Hello! Hola! Привет! Salut! Welcome to our platform for the Beyond Bodybuilding documentary. We are Margie and Olga. We met in October 2018 to create a documentary about female bodybuilders and an online platform for these amazing athletes to share their experiences.

Why bodybuilding? Well, long story short… Margie is a bodybuilder and cultural anthropologist. She wanted to show a different view of bodybuilders that is not seen in films. Olga is a filmmaker who was looking for her next big project. Our worlds intertwined and, 2 years later, we continue working together on this huge and important undertaking.

On our journey we have met so many amazing women and men, athletes, coaches, and event organizers. We have learned so much from each of them. We are extremely grateful for their support and participation in this project. We intend to highlight them and bits of their stories on this site over time.

Since we started working on this film, Margie won 1st place in Masters Bikini and 2nd place in True Novice at the 2018 NPC Natural Kentucky, and competed in the 2019 Arnold Amateur. Olga was inspired to lifting weights so that she can be stronger and prepared to work with any size of camera equipment.

We invite you to visit this site regularly to learn more about the film, our amazing participants, and us. We want you to engage in a community of people who strengthen their lives every day in every way.

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